News, News, News!

So thrilled to have this site go live. Many thanks to Steven Seighman, editor and designer. He’s Founding Editor of Monkeybicycle, a fantastic literary magazine. I used to read submissions for them, and goodness, do they receive some gorgeous work. And goodness, do they publish some gorgeous work!

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m in the throes of the MFA admissions process. Not the sending out part, but the oh-God-an-unrecognized-number’s-calling-my-cell portion. Telemarketers have somehow managed to get a hold of my number, and I’ve been the recipient of many such calls. So much false adrenaline. Calls from automated Santorum representatives in particular fall into this category. It’s the absolute nadir of inconsequential disappointment.

So far, I’ve received some generous offers. But alas. There are no easy answers. Difficult decisions abound.

Some exciting publication news on the horizon (fingers crossed)! But for now, I’ll get back to writing, drinking more water than I probably should, and making detailed pro/con lists.

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