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MFA News and Other Things

I’m very excited to be headed to Indiana University this fall to start work toward my MFA in fiction writing. I once heard Bloomington is the Oz of Indiana. So expectations are admittedly high. The decision was a difficult one; saying no to Columbia and Notre Dame was especially hard. I was fortunate to have great options. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency recently ran one of my pieces; thanks to Chris Monks for the honor. The site is updated daily with new … Continue reading

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SmokeLong Anthology & Other News

I have a story in the new issue of SmokeLong Quarterly. So honored to have the piece selected for inclusion in SmokeLong‘s 10th anniversary anthology alongside stories by Steve Almond, Matt Bell, Dan Chaon, Stuart Dybek, Kathy Fish (writers who have produced some of my favorite work), and others. Talk about exciting. I’m also looking forward to guest editing for SmokeLong in early July. In other news, Slice Magazine‘s new issue looks downright gorgeous. This really shouldn’t come as a … Continue reading

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The Inimitable Walbert

Here’s some required reading. It’s a story I return to regularly. An astonishing portrait of a character examined in the act of becoming alone, “M & M World” is one of those stories that must be experienced. Brace for impact. It’s a marvel.

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