Good News!

The past few weeks have brought some great news. A ten-dollar bill on the ground. A few kind, encouraging personal rejections from my favorite journals. Congratulations from one of my all-time favorite writers. Flourless chocolate cake. You get the point.

Another great thing: Tin House recently accepted my brief piece, “The Vanishing,” which is set to appear online in April. I credit my father with giving me the idea for the story. He’s a surgeon, and once, he heard from a colleague about a sword-swallower who actually had a sword lodged in his throat. It had happened during a performance. I was interested in how that violent act might resonate with the narrator’s inability to move forward in his life, the things and disappearances that are similarly paralyzing him, rendering him a mute player in his own life. What an honor to have this piece appear in such a fine journal! Many thanks to Masie and Thomas, editors extraordinaire.

I wrote a post about AWP Seattle for Indiana Review. I’m excited for you to read the new issue. Be sure to check out Annie Harnett’s story, “Cheek Teeth,” in its pages. It’s, in a word, astonishing.

See you in Seattle? See you in Seattle.

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