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I’m very excited to be headed to Indiana University this fall to start work toward my MFA in fiction writing. I once heard Bloomington is the Oz of Indiana. So expectations are admittedly high. The decision was a difficult one; saying no to Columbia and Notre Dame was especially hard. I was fortunate to have great options.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency recently ran one of my pieces; thanks to Chris Monks for the honor. The site is updated daily with new (and hilarious) content.¬†One of my favorites from the archive, “It’s Not You, It’s Quantatitive Cost-Benefit Analysis,” can be found here. I have also vowed never to become one of those people who ambiguously writes “McSweeney’s” into their bios, as if to suggest they’ve maybe been published in the Quarterly (which is also great and recently featured the brilliant story “Dog Bites” by Ricardo Nuila. Which you should find a copy of and read.)

If you’re reading this, and you write stories, and you’re looking to submit a story to a magazine that routinely publishes astonishing fiction: consider sending to Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading before the May first deadline. Recent stories in EL were written by such literary lights as Kevin Brockmeier, Rick Moody, and Aimee Bender. I’m a reader for the journal but read blind. Which means no names. Not that I can’t see.

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