News, My Gay Voice, & Finishing Up at Indiana Review

My essay “Hey, I’m Peter: On Living with a Gay Voice” is now up at Salon. Many thanks to the brilliant Kim Brooks for helping me achieve the essay’s final structure. I’m so proud of the support for this discussion, and grateful to Towleroad and the documentary “Do I Sound Gay?” for recommending the piece, as well as the many folks who read, commented, emailed, and shared. I’m very interested in “passing privilege,” and how this privilege can manifest in problematic logic, social cache, advantage that can come at great personal cost.

I have two new short stories out, in the most recent issues of The Carolina Quarterly and South Dakota Review! Both are beautiful issues full of work and company I’m honored to be around.

It’s hard to believe my tenure as editor-in-chief of Indiana Review is up in two months. The thought enters my mind occasionally and I swat it away. That’s becoming harder to do. I have so loved (I so love!) the job, the staff, the reading, the making.


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