Indiana Review, Blogging, & Story Collection

Over at The Indiana Review, I interviewed the incredible Elizabeth Eslami. Liz is just a marvel, and her responses are engaging and illuminating. What a treat to have her spend some time answering questions about her process, her forthcoming novel, and, of course, how she believes in magic.

At Ploughshares, I wrote about Melville House‘s decision to reprint the Senate Torture Report as a book and the Man Booker Prize’s recent rule changes.

I had some very close calls with the collection after having only queried a few amazing editors and agents, but I think I’m heading back to work on it instead of casting out more lines, for now. I’m confident in the pieces but want to be absolutely sure it’s as strong as I can make it. So, I will be sending out I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM again in a few months after a pretty intense inspection and polishing of it. I’m looking forward and have my fingers crossed!

Two stories out in the world right now, awaiting response from some of my favorite journals. Radio silence so far–here’s hoping no news is (tentatively) good news.

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