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Matt Minicucci over at Ninth Letter recently accepted my story, “Puncture,” for a forthcoming issue. What an honor! Many thanks to Matt and the whole crew over at the journal, based at what I’m told is an Indiana U. rival school, U. of Illinois. In any case, it’s really one of the most beautiful literary magazines I’ve ever seen, so I’m grateful my piece has found a home there.

I’m writing a lot and revising a lot. I just started sending out a few stories that have been in revision since last April. I’m also nearing completion on my collection, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM, so that’s exciting. Oh, and I’m reading some amazing novels and collections. Kyle Minor’s PRAYING DRUNK is worth shouting-out here, and a shouting-at–as in, if you haven’t yet read the book, I am shouting at you to do so. Like, right now.

Rejection is happening, though not in any great amount or frequency, which is mostly a result of my sending out a lot less and a lot less frequently. And, I suspect, taking care before sending out. I’m only sending out what I love, though, so the rejection comes with some sad sting. So it goes.

How do I cope? I juice. Vegetables, mostly. I juice kale and mint and celery and ginger and beet and cucumber and apple. I juice carrot and parsley. Am I out of control? I’m not. I’ve decided I’m not. I feel a lot better. So that’s good. (Take that, rejection?)

There’s lots of exciting stuff happening over at The Indiana Review. Important to note we close for fiction prize and general submissions on October 31, so send before it’s too late! Check it all out here.

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