OUT Magazine, Indiana Review, Electric Literature, & Columbia University Publishing: Big Changes!

I’m glad to have my essay, “How My Severe Acne Helped Me Love My Queerness,” appear in OUT Magazine. Big thanks to Jesse Steinbach, who is an incisive editor. My struggle with cystic nodule acne is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while.

Leaving the Indiana Review offices for the last time was difficult. I’m excited to see the first Blue Light Book prize winner Andrea Lewis‘s WHAT MY LAST MAN DID (a smart, curmudgeonly, deeply empathic linked story collection) made into an object as beautiful as its disarming prose.

And so it is nice to be back at Electric Literature as a senior reader for Recommended Reading. Editor Halimah Marcus is a genius, and I’m glad I get to learn a bit more, hearing her talk about narrative and story.

And I have my story “Rorschach,” to do with performed modern-day crucifixion, coming in Day One–thanks to the totally brilliant Morgan Parker!

Also: I’m living in New York now. Upper West Side. I love the city. What else is there to say?

I was honored to have been admitted to the Columbia University Publishing Course and am enjoying it. Soon I’ll be applying for positions, and despite what seems a commonly prevailing pessimism about the industry I remain very optimistic.



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