Story Acceptance, SmokeLong Guest Editing

I’m honored to have had my story, “Aim for the Heart,” accepted for publication with the brilliant Slice Magazine. The piece is about a pathological liar who lies about being an avid hunter, is coaxed into hunting with his boyfriend, gets a clear shot at a buck and kills it. This news means a lot: I love Slice; this is a longer story; my grandfather loved deer and I’ve been trying to write an impelling story with deer in it for a long time; I feel inexplicably attached to its characters, Bo and Neil. Thrilled! Many thanks to editors Celia and Maria, who are just the best.

I’m now an editorial assistant with Electric Literature‘s Recommended Reading. If you’re not already reading the fantastic work published there weekly, here, let me fix that.

I guest-edited for SmokeLong Quarterly a few months ago and selected Karen Dietrich‘s astonishing “Pierce to Vent.” It’s stunning. Check it out!

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