The Journal, Day One, SmokeLong Guest-Editing

I’m so, so excited that my story, “I Know You Know Who I Am,” will appear in The Journal! Many thanks to Brett and Preston for their time with the piece, and to the rest of the crew over at The Journal; they put out such beautiful issues filled with smart and big-hearted work. That this is likely the title story in my first collection (which is still in-progress!) only adds to my excitement. What an honor!

My story, “River Is to Ocean As ____ Is to Heart,” will be out in Amazon’s Day One in early/mid-June. Carmen Johnson, a fiercely talented editor, is to thank for this. Thank you, Carmen! Look for and read it on your Kindle app. if you want (and if you have one). It’s a real privilege to have work appear in this journal. I love the stories and poems it’s featured (Ann Rushton, Michael Conforti, among others). Looking to treat yourself? Subscribe.

Carmen helped tumble the rock that was this piece, which means a particular lot for what this story means to me. A lot of the story is in me in some way, though I’ll make a point to mention I’ve never cheated on an exam (as Ty did)! Also: that’s not a lie (as Ty is also a frequent liar).

Other news: I guest-edited SmokeLong Quarterly a while back and chose–to my surprise–a piece by my close friend, Vincent Scarpa. I’ve been a fan of his writing for, I can now say it, years. The judging was blind, and there were truly so many great contenders. I’m psyched to have you read his story. You should read it now. Find it, oh, here.

I’m working hard on a longer story that likes to fall apart on me. But it’s getting there, I think. It’s on its way.

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