OUT NOW: I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM: Stories, Penguin Books


Electric Literature‘s Recommended Reading, “In the Palm of His Hand”
Florida Review, “The Second Story”
them, “How to Live Your Best Life”
Joyland Magazine, “Please Hold”
Devil’s Lake, “Audition #21″
Bodega Magazine, “Paid Vacation”
The Carolina Quarterly, “Breathing Underwater”
Kindle Single, “River is to Ocean as ____ is to Heart”
Ninth Letter, “Puncture”
Passages North, “Be Alive”
The Journal, “I Know You Know Who I Am”
Tin House, “The Vanishing”
Columbia Journal, “Master’s Thesis”
South Dakota Review, “Touch Pool,” “Diving, Drifting”
Slice Magazine, “Altitude,” “Aim for the Heart”


Esquire, Profiles of five queer writers
GQ, Profile of Big Gay Ice Cream
Playboy, “How I Finally Got Over My Fear of Drag Queens”
Esquire, “Craigslist Personals Gave Gay Men a Place Where They Didn’t Have to Feel Alone”
OUT Magazine, “How Severe Acne Helped Me Love My Queerness”


Colorado Review, Review of Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby


McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “Monologue: Your First Short Story Speaks” (Recommended by The New Yorker)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “A Field Guide to Common Punctuation” (Recommended by The Paris Review, nominated by McSweeney’s for the Million Writers Award, featured at The Millions)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “A Field Guide to Uncommon Punctuation” (Featured in The New York Daily News, featured at The Millions)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “Emerging Writers Emerge from Their Cocoons” (Featured at Flavorwire)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “Short Story Template” (Recommended by The Rumpus)
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, “Grammar Gossip” (Recommended by Urban Outfitters)
The New York Daily News, “I’m a Comma Splice, Cut Me Some Slack”